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We Love Drugs

For Those Of Us Who eally Love Pot And / Or Benzo's Or Other Drugs

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All Members , Moderated
This community is for anything Benzodiazepines,marijuana and other drugs related.Please be careful about what you ask in here,i.e. in other words Please dont tell somone how much of this or that to take,( every persons body is different and therefore what works for you may be too much for someone else )Also do NOT come in here looking to Buy or Sell drugs,that will NOT be tolerated.This is the internet folks and you Never know if the person you are talking to is an undercover cop just looking to bust people like us.No comming in here saying ( I just moved to such and such state,town, and Im looking for a hook up or I need this or that ).You can post pictures if you wish.Talk about your experiences and anything political especially regarding marijuana laws and other laws such as those pertaining to controlled prescriptions ect.

1: No Name Calling Of Other members.
2: No Harassing Other Members.
3: No Death Threats.
4: NO Hate Mongering.
5: Do NOT come in here looking to BUY OR SELL drugs!
6: Do NOT tell someone how much of this or that to use.
7: Do NOT tell someone how to manufacture illeagle drugs.
8: Do NOT tell someone how to smuggle drugs.
9: Please respect other members,if they dont respect you please contact the community MODS evilfirechaos or lopazmarianna and we will review what was said and take action.

Those who fail to follow these simple rules will be BANNED and / or reported to LiveJournal T.O.S.

These rules are not asking very much from you people.Just respect for one another and common sense.Thank You.Community MOD

This is a new and small community but I would like to see it grow.So please interduce yourself and feel free to talk about your experiences,post pictures if you like ect.I want this to be a safe and peaceful place to talk about whatever your drug of choice is.

If you have any questions regarding drugs.I highly recomend checking out this website.It is very informative.


If you have any questions regarding marijuana laws you may want to check out this website.Also a very informative website.Know YOUR RIGHTS.The cops are counting on you NOT knowing them.